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This is your one and only life. What do you wanna tell people about it? Netflix is on a role with its original films. Tonight, I watched a film I have been anticipating for months now, The Incredible Jessica James. The critically acclaimed film debuted at Sundance this year, and showcased the charisma and talent… Continue reading THE INCREDIBLE JESSICA JAMES: Review

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The Film Festival Bucket List

You're in for a fun post today! Today I am writing about my film festival bucket list. While I have a regular bucket list, I have an interesting selection of film festivals that I want to go to. One of my list items is to travel to a minimum of 10 countries, and what better… Continue reading The Film Festival Bucket List

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GIRLS TRIP: Review! And Talking About the Power of the Black Dollar

Just returned from the theater, and today's film was Girls Trip! I was so excited about this movie! Finally, a movie centered female-lead black comedy. And many others were just as excited as I am because it is the best R-rated live action comedy opening of the year, and I have seen so many celebrities… Continue reading GIRLS TRIP: Review! And Talking About the Power of the Black Dollar

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Personal Challenge: A Film Campaign a Month

I've been in thinking mode for these past few days! Really, really thinking. One of the things that I want to do the most (as being part of the industry) is helping storytellers take their stories to the screen. I also get a thrill when I learn something secures enough financing to go into production,… Continue reading Personal Challenge: A Film Campaign a Month


The Bucket List: To Live a Life Worth Living (Updated 07/17/17)

An updated version of a year old post. Enjoy!


So funny story, I was on Tumblr and even though I really don’t run a Franco fan blog, I post quite frequently Franco-y stuff. Yeah, I know I’m lame. One day a fellow fan messaged me a story about how through a charitable donation to Water Defense (a cause co-founded by Mark Ruffalo), she was invited to the Now You See Me 2 premiere in New York City, and was able to meet the majority of the cast including Mark Ruffalo, Jesse Eisenberg, and (although briefly) Dave Franco himself (!!!). After sharing her story, I showed her my post (deleted) I had written about Dave, which lead to a conversation about some other things too, including traveling, overcoming obstacles and living life. She is a diplomat, so she is frequently abroad, and when she’s off work she takes time to do some really cool things like paragliding and learning tango…

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TO THE BONE: A Hard Depiction of Anorexia That Sparks a Difficult Conversation

On July 14th, critically acclaimed Sundance selection To The Bone was released on Netflix, and in limited locations nationwide. I had been interested in seeing this film since hearing about it at Sundance, and I was highly interested in how this film would tackle the controversial topic of Anorexia. Never having had an eating disorder… Continue reading TO THE BONE: A Hard Depiction of Anorexia That Sparks a Difficult Conversation

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POC Creators Shouldn’t Be Confined to Just Telling “Our” Stories

This week, the trailer for A Wrinkle in Time was released, and I couldn't have been more excited. When I saw the trailer, I was elated to see a young black woman as the lead (Storm Reid) alongside major talents such as Oprah Winfrey, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Mindy Kaling, Chris Pine, Reese Witherspoon, and Michael Pena.… Continue reading POC Creators Shouldn’t Be Confined to Just Telling “Our” Stories