I’m definitely not a child of the 80’s, but my mother is. She was always sharing different movies with me, and we would bond over them. I even went through a phase where I almost exclusively watched 80’s movies, and had crushes on actors from the same time period. I wanted to live in that time.  I know this list is relatively small, and there are MANY little known movies from the 80’s that exist. These are some of the ones I enjoy: 

  1. Maid to Order (1987)- Ally Sheedy plays the complete opposite of her best known role in Rhe Breakfast Club. She’s a selfish, spoiled brat who becomes a maid as her father wishes away her very existence. A reverse Cinderella story, Jessie goes from riches to rags and learns some valuable life lessons.

    Photo Courtesy of Cineplex.com
  2. Secret Admirer (1985)- Featuring a post-Outsiders C. Thomas Howell, Secret Admirer bumped him up to heartthrob status. The film is a comedic tale of a mix up of an anonymous love letter his character Michael receives, and some typical teenage boy problems.

    Photo Still from Secret Admirer
  3. Just One of the Guys (1985)- When Terry fails to win a journalism contest due to sexism, she decides to disguise herself as boy and enroll at another school in order to resubmit her article.

    Enter a caption
  4. Loverboy (1989)- Randy loses funding for school due to his lack of direction and poor grades, and lands a job as a pizza delivery boy. This leads to an encounter with an older woman, and some cash to pay for his education.

    Photo Still from Loverboy
  5. Mannequin (1987)- Jonathan is an artist that falls in love with a magical mannequin named Emmy. With her Emmy’s help, Jonathan helps revive a dying department store, much to the disdain of their competitor, Illustra.

    Photo Still from Mannequin
  6. Teachers (1984)- Teachers follows the chaotic days of an inner city school in Columbus, Ohio, amidst a lawsuit due to the graduation of an illiterate student. “Bad” teacher Alex Jurel takes trouble teen Eddie under his wing and tries to make a difference.

    Photo Still from Teachers
  7. The Secret of My Success (1987)- American sweetheart Michael J. Fox plays Brantley, an ambitious young man who moves to New York in order to make it big. Along the way, Brantley ends up working at the company of a distant uncle, and finds himself in a messy ordeal, with his boss, his aunt, and his coworkers.

    Photo Still from The Secret of My Success 
  8. Soul Man (1986)- A controversial film, but still relevant. An ambitious student named Mark disguises himself in Blackface in order to receive a prestigious scholarship to Harvard. This film is basically a predecessor of Dear White People, and teaches some lessons about privilege and racism.

    Photo Still from Soul Man

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