Ever since the Marvel Cinematic Universe joined forces with Disney, it has become a powerhouse in modern film. Year after year, Marvel puts out blockbuster hits, and has rarely failed to impress its audiences. At this year’s Comic-Con, Marvel was a big winner in all departments. It has some exciting films coming out, and amazing casting choices were announced this week. Many of Hollywood’s other leaders can learn from Marvel (or Disney).

  1. Keep your audience engaged– The MCU is massive, and being under the creative genius of Disney, details are painstakingly peppered throughout the films, and every story in intertwined with another. At the end of every Marvel film, you know you have to wait until after the credits roll for a tease at the next film.
  2. Embrace diversity– Marvel is doing just that. Superheroes come in different forms to us all. It has been a slow process, but the MCU is incorporating more and more diversity into its stories. I am REALLY looking forward to the Black Panther movie- a film with a predominantly Black cast, by a Black director, that’s set in contemporary times. Other films, such as Spiderman Homecoming and Thor: Ragnarok have welcomed some POC’s into their casts. Marvel has also recently cast Brie Larson as Captain Marvel- who will be the first woman in the MCU to get her own movie. Watch out Wonder Woman! Our world is diverse. Act like it. Whitewashing your movie will kill it before it is even released.
  3. Don’t take yourselves too seriously– In the case of Deadpool and Iron Man, superhero film stereotypes are turned on their heads. Especially in Deadpool, there are lot’s of cracks at other MCU characters such as the X-Men, and even a dig at DC, referencing Ryan Reynold’s role in The Green Lantern. Not all superhero movies, or movies in general need to be serious. There’s nothing worse than a film that tries to market itself as serious, but isn’t.
  4. Listen to the fans– Fans are the main reason Deadpool was made, and fans keep the MCU spinning. Well, Marvel doesn’t listen 100 percent of the time, but when it has, there was a huge payoff, which leads to the next point:
  5. Respect the origin material– If you are adapting something with a rather large fan base, this is for you: Marvel for the most part (In the MCU era) has done a fantastic job of sticking to the source material. Diehard Marvel fans know their stuff. Now, Marvel has done some casting changes, but for the most part, the casts have been well-received. People were skeptical of Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man, but now he is inseparable from the character. Also when you respect the source material, it makes for good storylines, and happy fans.
  6. Learn to work together– DC has fallen behind the MCU tremendously. I was waiting for a Justice League movie FOREVER. It feels like ages ago, Marvel was purchased by Disney, and minus the Fantastic 4, the MCU is a huge entity, with all the stories in sync with each other.
  7. Utilize material for deeper themes– While most superhero films seem simple on the surface, they can teach amazing lessons that wouldn’t be received elsewhere. The X-Men references racism, Daredevil deals with disability, Jessica Jones showcases PTSD, and the list goes on. Guaranteed most audiences come for a good time, but they can take away something at the same time.

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