Due to the talk show format, I will deviate a little from the usual report card style of my other reviews. 

I know it’s strange, but I kinda like Amber Rose. While her rise to fame has not been ideal, I admire her realness. She doesn’t hide who she is, and owns it. She isn’t perfect, nor does she pretend to be, but she’s confident. She also started the Amber Rose Slutwalk, which will be occurring for the second time this year in Los Angeles. It is a walk for sexual empowerment, and speaks out against slut-shaming, rape, and double standards. It’s exciting to see Amber has her own show which will be used as a platform for celebrity news, sex, and relationship advice. I watched the first episode online tonight, and here are my thoughts:

Amber Rose is putting her experience to good use by having an “Ask Muva” segment, in which she answers questions about sex and relationships-which is one of the biggest draws of her show. She’s very candid when it comes to sex, and well educated, which is refreshing.  She answers questions about sexting, dick size, condom usage, and is raw in her responses. Some of her advice I did not agree with, but it’s good that she is attempting to help out others with their woes. She even brought in a sex and relationship expert, but I wish I could have heard more from him. I really think this segment should have been longer.

Photo Courtesy of the DailyMail.co.uk

I didn’t care too much for the celebrity news portion. There are plenty of other shows that report Hollywood gossip. It kind of detracted from the more interesting content.  I would rather see her do a fashion segment or something like that. I did love the Kanye plus-one joke though when she was talking about Taylor Swift’s Fourth of July party.

And Taylor, as long as you know my plus one won’t be Kanye, then we’ll be straight.

I know that Amber will be covering big events like the Hip Hop Honors, so the footage will likely used for future shows. It would be interesting to see her take on current events, but I know that the show has been pre-recorded.

Since her show is in its early stages, I’m sure the guest list is comprised mainly of Amber’s comrades, such as French Montana- who I didn’t really care for. He seemed a bit shallow and not very well spoken to me. And there was a segment where Amber tried to hook him up based on completely shallow criteria- bedroom habits, seductive banana eating, twerking, etc. You know what I mean? But that was just a first impression. I really hope Amber brings better guests in the future. Will we see Blacc Chyna? Hmmm.

So far, I’m hoping this show doesn’t end up like Kocktails with Khloe. The show was only about 20 minutes, and I wish it was a bit longer so I could see more content, but we’ll see how things pan out for Amber. So far, I will keep watching.


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