Hello all! This post is slightly different. It wasn’t even intended to be a post. It started out as a long, epic Facebook rant that became too long for the confines of my private social media. As you all know, a couple days ago, the 2016 BET Awards occurred. Jesse Williams (Grey’s Anatomy, The Butler, The Cabin in the Woods) won the Humanitarian  Award, and he gave a proactive speech about Black rights, entertainment, and lives. Let’s just say while he inspired many, he angered others. You can watch his riveting speech here. One of those angered was Tomi Lahren, controversial host of the Tomi for TheBlaze. I won’t post her rant because it will only make my blood boil more. You can look it up if you truly want to watch it. Tomi has a track record for speaking out against pro-black events and celebrities, so it’s no surprise she had something to say.

People are entitled to their opinion, but the point of BET is to give Black people a platform since we are seldom recognized at other awards shows. Every time I see this Tomi woman, it’s because of statements like this. I don’t understand her anger with BET. The show isn’t for her, and Jesse Williams’ speech is not for her. Unfortunately I have Facebook friends that wholeheartedly agree with her, and it scares me to see how they really think. She complains about Black people creating a divide, but she does the same thing. Similar to Donald Trump, many people are a fan because she “speaks her mind”. She unveils the not so hidden racism that exists in the US.

I don’t think she understood what Jesse Williams was saying. He was not perpetuating a war on cops. He was saying that a lot of Black women and men are killed unfairly by cops and there is no justice. Sandra Bland, Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice, and need I name more? He was not generalizing all white people either. Just the ones like you Tomi. Did you see the case of Brock Turner? Did you see episode 12 of Orange is the New Black? That’s the point Jesse was making.
Screen Cap from Tomi Lahren for TheBlaze


What really pissed me off was when she said how white ancestors in the Civil war fought to free our ancestors. THEY DIDN’T GO THROUGH SLAVERY THOUGH! IT’S NOT THE SAME DAMN THING! Tomi, your ancestors weren’t taken from their home countries, placed on ships in destitute conditions, treated as property, beaten, need I say anything else? And even after the Emancipation Proclamation, black people were still treated as second class for over 100 years! We still are underrepresented, our history is hidden and stolen, and we still live with the effects of the events from long ago.
There are those that agree with her, and you are free to, but I hope you take some time to learn. Her statements are very hurtful and indicative of the many problems we still have here in America. I honestly want to know how she behaves towards Black people and other minorities in real life. She called the Black Panthers a terrorist group, so she just lumped them with the likes of the Jihad, ISIS, the Nazis, and the KKK? I don’t understand how she thinks, and what makes her so angry. She claims she is not racist, Islamophobic and what not, but how does she justify what she says?

I will tell you, a lot of my younger life I struggled to find my identity and embrace my blackness. I know a lot of people can’t even tell I’m black because of how I look or how I act (sad, but true). I’m finally learning to love myself, and not hide. As a minority, I don’t see myself as a victim. I never did. And being pro-black is not about being a victim. It’s making sure we have justice. If you think racism is gone, it’s not and you need to wake up. I’ve dealt with it as a mixed person, and while I do recognize being mixed makes things a little different, it still happens. I personally do not care for what Tomi has to say, because unless she’s dealt with racism and oppression first hand, seen the world as it truly is- not from her conservative, veiled eyes. Until then, SHE NEEDS A STADIUM OF SEATS TO SIT DOWN.




3 thoughts on “Reacting to Tomi Lahren’s Angry Rant About the BET Awards and Jesse Williams

  1. it seems to me that Tomi takes a lot of her talking points, word for word, from Bill O’Reilly. These are all his exact same words. I’d dismiss her if she had an original thought in her empty little head, and if she didn’t have a platform to spew her mindless drivel at young people, because that is obviously who she is aimed at.


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