I have finally reached California! It is truly an exciting time. I am still slightly jet-lagged and worn out from moving around, but I am hoping I will get used to my new life here soon. I haven’t been out and about too much, but I have been noticing some slight differences in the culture here. I’m definitely not in North Carolina anymore.

Descending into San Diego!

I don’t know what came over me, but I was overwhelmed by emotion when my plane descended into the San Diego airport. The sight of the beautiful pink and purple sunset obscured by the majestic palm trees, and all the rolling hills. I was finally here! I’ve been talking about it for so long. Tomorrow, I start working for the San Diego Film Festival, and also this week, I will be looking for a part-time job. I don’t have a car, so I have to learn the bus system fast! Not a lot of time to rest, but hey- I am being productive!

Here are some thoughts I had within my first 48 hours here:

The TRAFFIC. It’s pretty gross. I went on a small road trip with family to the Anaheim area, and all I could think about was the congestion, and the ruthlessness of the drivers. Also, the tolls were a foreign concept to me. You can pay them online apparently too? Never heard of such a thing.

Somewhere on the highway in Cali. Can’t remember where. I wish I had more pictures, but I will upload them later.

The Prices. Prices are definitely a bit higher here. Back in North Carolina, gas was $2.09, and here in San Diego, I’ve seen it as high as $2.99. It’s probably even worse in Los Angeles.

The Beauty. The state of California is truly as picturesque and beautiful as I had imagined it- at least the parts I have seen so far. The houses atop rolling hills, the beaches, and and the clear skies- gorgeous! I even spotted a double rainbow over Temecula.

The HEAT. I definitely don’t want to go to Hell for all eternity now. I conveniently arrived on some of the hottest days of the year, with today being a high of 101, and tomorrow being a high of 102.

Some Random things I probably wouldn’t experience elsewhere. I was at a gas station and saw a stack of ORGANIC Rockstar energy drinks. I didn’t understand that. I’ve also seen in my short time here, scores of women who look like they stepped straight out of the surgeon’s office. There are lot’s of grocery chains, and there’s probably a lot more I will see.

I will be posting a one-week update soon! Be on the lookout next week!




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