My last semester of college is about to begin, and once again, I have haphazardly stuffed all my belongings into two peace-sign covered suitcases, used McDonald’s boxes, and some cheap plastic bins. I can easily say that I own less than 25 percent of the belongings I had when I was a freshman. My old clothes were donated, other household objects sold or given away, but my DVD collection has begun to spill out of its plastic prison. Every few months, the amount of DVD’s significantly grows, and I have to cart it to my next destination.

Over a year ago, I finally realized I had a love affair with film. The experience was like denying being in love with your best friend, only to realize it some fateful moment sometime later. Growing up, my household’s livelihood revolved around film. Family was spent watching movies together, or enjoying a meal at the table, discussing either the latest movies and shows, or reminiscing over movies and shows from our younger days. My parents’ movie shelf is overflowing, with stacks of DVD’s and Blu-Rays acquired from various pawn shops, bargain bins, and movie stores. I remember my Mom always “forcing” me to watch something- either to teach me a lesson, or share a memory.

As time progressed, I became obsessed with movies too. I have an embarrassing addiction to finding bargain-priced DVD’s and Netflix. Now the tables have turned and I “force” my family members and friends join me in appreciating my latest fascination. My everyday conversations are filled with pop culture references and entertainment industry news. I’m forever engrossed in the happenings in the entertainment industry and long to be a part of it.

One of my favorite activities is to attend the movies solo. It’s not that I don’t have anyone to go with me, it’s the fact that I love to be alone with my thoughts while I absorb what I’m watching. Plus, I can see what I want and not feel guilty of my opinion.

The Cinema Soloist was created to provide a unique point of view of the entertainment industry and to chronicle my journey to and in the entertainment industry. Throughout this blog you will find movie reviews, my thoughts about current events, and life updates. Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy going to the movies solo as much as I do!

– The Cinema Soloist


2 thoughts on “My Strange Addiction: DVD’s from the Bargain Bin

  1. This is incredbile… I am not alone. I love films and have wanted to expand my DVD collection. I live near a Thursday market sells old DVDs for a £1 and now nearly every week I pick something up. I am glad Im not the only one to do this.


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